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2004 & Newer GM Cars/Trucks
 With Gasoline Engines and
GM Oil Life System (OLS)
At Jerry Haag Motors we want to make sure your GM vehicle is well maintained so you can get where you need to go safely. Choose any of our service packages for the ultimate in Value, or if you are in- between major services, select any single option from our service menu.
Maintenance I Schedule
 Change Engine Oil and Filter, Reset Oil Life Monitor
   (See “Engine Oil.” An Emission Control Service.)*
Visually check for any leaks or damage.
Inspect engine air cleaner filter (replace at additional cost.)
Rotate and inspect tires. Check inflation and wear.
Inspect brake system. Including brake lines, hoses, pads, calipers, wheel cylinders, rotors and drums.
Check engine coolant.
Check windshield washer fluid.
Trucks: Lubricate front suspension, ball joints, steering linkage, and parking brake cable.
Trucks with Allison Transmission only: Inspect external control-main filter (replace at additional cost.)
Additional recommended services and costs, resulting from inspections performed, will be brought to your attention.
$40.90 PLUS TAX
*Up to 5 Quarts of Oil, Diesels Extra
Maintenance II Schedule
Includes everything in Maintenance I, plus
Clean outside of radiator and condenser; pressure-check cooling system and cap.
Inspect radiator and heater hoses for cracks, swelling or deterioration.
Lubricate suspension, steering linkage and transaxle shift linkage.
Inspect drive axle boots for damage, tears or leakage.
Inspect wipe blades for wear or cracking.
Inspect safety belts, buckles, latch plates, retractors, anchorages and safety belt reminder light for damage or loose parts.
Lubricate key lock cylinders and hood, door and trunk hinges and latches.
Inspect throttle linkage (if applicable.)
Inspect steering system and suspension for damaged, loose or missing parts.
Inspect power steering lines and hoses for leaks or damage.
Inspect passenger compartment air filter (replace at additional cost.)
Inspect brake-transaxle shift interlock for correct operation.
Inspect safety switch and steering column lock for correct operation.
Inspect fuel system for damage or leaks.
Inspect exhaust system for loose or damaged components.
Trucks: Check transmission fluid level.
Trucks without a filter restriction indicator: Inspect engine air cleaner.
Additional recommended services and costs, resulting from inspections performed, will be brought to your attention.

$61.95 PLUS TAX
                                   *Up to 5 Quarts of Oil, Diesels Extra                                                               
GM Oil Life System (OLS) and
Simplified Maintenance Schedule
The GM Oil Life System (OLS) is a computer-based algorithm that assesses engine oil condition and optimizes oil change intervals based on vehicle and environmental operating conditions.
 Saves customers time and money, while protecting their investment
 Simplifies decisions about frequency of oil changes and other required maintenance
 Makes it easy for customers to have their vehicle’s oil changed and all routine maintenance performed during the same service visit
 Lowers overall operating costs, because oil is changed only when necessary
 Reassures consumers that their engine is always running with good oil, which improves the long-term performance and reliability of their vehicle
Takes the mystery out of maintaining GM vehicles and provides benefits to the environment
 Reduces oil change frequency by using the GM Oil Life System.
 In 1997, more than 640 million gallons of motor oil were sold, with about 345 million gallons purchased by do-it-yourselfers. In the same time, do-it-yourselfers recycled only between 43 to 62 million gallons of used oil.*
*Information from American Petroleum Institute website.
 GM has built more than 20 million vehicles to date with its OLS. In the next five years, if the GM OLS is used as intended, almost 100 million gallons of oil could be saved.
 All GM dealers are equipped to properly dispose of waste oil.
Using the GM Oil Life System
                              Highway driving                                                   7,000 to12,000 miles
                              Urban driving                                                       4,000 to 6,000 miles
                              Trailer towing                                                       5,000 to 7,000 miles
                              Short trip service(less than two miles)                3,000 to 4,000 miles
                                        Typical mixed service                                          4,000 to 7,000 miles
100,000 Mile Service     Starting at $399.00*
Includes: Maintenance II plus
Replace Engine Air Filter
Flush Automatic Transmission
Replace Spark Plugs and Inspect Spark Plug Wires
Trucks: Replace Fuel Filter
Trucks with 4WD: Change Transfer Case Fluid
*Plus tax and supplies
150,000 Mile Service     Starting at $349.00*
Includes: Maintenance II plus
Replace Engine Air Filter
Drain, Flush and Refill Cooling System (Or Every 60 Months)
Replace Spark Plugs and Inspect Spark Plug Wires
*Plus tax and supplies. Some models slightly higher.